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Are you one of the millions of women who are struggling to find Mr. Right? Have you given up on the notion that you can have it all?

Chances are, you are like us and have read lots of book about finding your dream man and you have read lots of books on how to build a successful career, BUT you can’t manage to have both at the same time.

Perhaps you are at a loss and are wondering what to do next? Great news! Our book, Boys Before Business:The Single Girl's Guide to Having It All, has all the answers to find him, keep him, and sustain a brilliant career.

Finally, there is a proven system that works! Not only will you find him and build a long-lasting relationship, you will learn how to apply the same principles you used to have a successful relationship to enhance your professional life.

For years, we had thriving careers but were unlucky in love. We found a way to have it all and now, for the first time, we're sharing our secrets of success with you. We found our happily ever after, and we want you to find it too! There is no need to struggle on your own anymore.

Boys Before Business: The Single Girl's Guide to Having It All is written in a step-by-step style and takes you through a three-part formula for living your dream life.

Part 1

Finding the right man • Identify what’s important in a mate by understanding your values and by completing a Values exercise • Write a “Dear God" letter to have a roadmap for the type of person you want to meet • Learn where and how to find him.

Part 2

Sustaining your relationship • Learn tools for developing and cultivating a great relationship • Learn how to keep lust alive • Understand how to make sure his actions and words are in alignment with what he says and what you want • Understand how to stop FOBFOing (freaking out before finding out) so you can build your ideal relationship.

Part 3

Having a fulfilling successful career while enjoying a dream relationship • Incorporate the lessons learned, daily practices, and tools that to build a relationship to help you excel in the workplace • Create boundaries to have balance • Understand how to put business relationships first to get better results.

Each phase contains tips, tools and techniques to give you a reference point to know when you are ready to move on to the next one. We have watched women everywhere use our principles and we are confident that you’re going to find what you need to break through, find the man of your dreams, and thrive in your professional life.

You have waited long enough.

Whether you are single, engaged, married, divorced, or widowed,

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